Country Bike Ride

Quiet roadways arc between
Corn rows long ago harvested
Cranes shout pterodactyl cries
Paired like the wheels spinning
At the behest of pumping legs

Glimpses of farmhouses lonesome
Remind rural life reality
Childhood home long lost
Quiet sun sets slower here
Golden brown rusts softly

Wistful eyes meet suspicious windshields
Deference earns grudging space
Lead me to solitary pavement
Gyroscopic leaning steer
Where hands-free wanton weaving plays

Boredom impossible against backdrop
Teeming with bird and mammal
Spring's approach with angry geese
Calves fawns goslings near at hand
Recurrence eternal leads the way

Hunger defeats what thirst had conquered
Soul's feast sparks body exhaustion
Just a little bit farther civilization looms
Contrasting as illuminating as seasons
Country reverie interruption