Candlelight and Precarity

Nostrils fill and the chair tilts back
Sensation of balance
To the feel of falling
Flickering without intention
Temporary clarity
As attention rushes to the edge
Forward or backward
Gentle glow or mad dancing
Speech takes rest
Under the blanket of house so
On the pillow of concentration
While heartbeats speak
A story halfheartedly told
Or a narrative patiently crafted
Breathing decides
And the glow weakly concurs
To choose to fall
Is to force a save
Testing the will
And hypothesis confirmation
More than chance or inattention
Extinguish the flame they cannot
As patiently the mind
Reanimates the soul
Downstairs may be walked
Leaning might heavily rest
While life burns away
Wick lost to the brightness
A glimmer heats thoroughly
While the cold raps on the window
Happiness flows freely
Over the riverbed stones